Yung Joc is this month's First Dibs artist, and Virgin Mobile is giving you exclusive access to A Capella and Instrumental ringtones from the album! To get your favorite track from New Joc City, just text the keyword below to the number 868 on your Virgin Mobile phone!

Virgin Mobile users send a text message to 868 containing the keywords above. They will then receive an alert back with the opportunity to purchase the ringtone that is associated with that keyword.
YJOC1 Goin' Down
YJOC2 Picture Perfect
YJOC3 New Joc City
YJOC4 I'm Him
YJOC5 Knock It Out
YJOC6 Patron
YJOC7 Hear Me Coming
YJOC8 Dope Boy Magic
YJOC9 Do Ya Bad
YJOC10 1st Time (feat Marques Houston)
YJOC11 Don't Play Wit It
YJOC12 Flip Flop
YJOC13 I Know You See It
YJOC14 1st Time (A Capella)
YJOC15 Flip Flop (A Capella)
YJOC16 I Know You See It (A Capella)
YJOC17 It's Goin' Down (A Capella)
YJOC18 Patron (A Capella)
YJOC19 1st Time (instrumental)
YJOC20 Do Ya Bad (Instrumental)
YJOC21 Don't Play Wit It (Instrumental)
YJOC22 Dope Boy Magic (Instrumental)
YJOC23 Flip Flop (Instrumental)
YJOC24 Hear Me Coming (Instrumental)
YJOC25 I Know You See It (Instrumental)
YJOC26 I'm Him (Instrumental)
YJOC27 Patron (Instrumental)
YJOC28 Picture Perfect (Instrumental)